Sorrento nightlife, the best night clubs

Night life in Sorrento

Discos, night clubs, pubs and lounge bars – when the sun sets in Sorrento it transforms from a small tourist town into a perfect place where you can have a few drinks with your friends, enjoying the atmosphere.

Where to go Dancing in Sorrento

The night clubs in Sorrento usually start getting busy after midnight, the dress code is smart. One of the most popular of clubs is Il Blue Night, the only disco in Sorrento Peninsula that is held outdoors facing the Gulf of Naples. It is well know for their theme nights and its private rooms close to the dance floor.

Another favorite is Il Fauno Notte Club and the famous Music on the Rocks in Positano.

Il Fauno Notte Club is one of Sorrento oldest clubs, in the late ‘50s it was the place to go to catch up and to have fun for the tourists and international celebrities. Today it is a contemporary ampitheatre.

Piazzo Tasso: The Heart of Sorrento’s Nightlife

The perfect place to meet, a meeting place for the locals and a referance point for the tourists. By day it is busy with tourists and the locals going about their daily chores, by night it transforms into The nightlife, where outfits are adjusted for the festivities of the Sorrento by Night.

The Best Bars for Nightlife in Sorrento

Amongst the attractions of the city, there are also shot bars, bars specialising in the preparation of “shots” (small drinks with a high alcohol content). The Shot Bars in Sorrento are the perfect place to have fun during a Sorrentine night out, the most popular are:

Sorrento Nightlife – All the Night Clubs of the Nightlife in Sorrento

Another option to enjoy a night in Sorrento is the Gocce di Capri Pool Club, an enchanting building on the outskirts of Sorrento. Gocce di Capri Pool Club organise different themes every night for the entire summer season which usually starts 1st June.

There is a shuttle bus that leaves from Sorrento, so it is easily accessable.   The inviting swimming pool where if you would like you can have something to eat  or just sit watching the breathtaking scenery .

If you are after something out of the ordinary the Piano Bar Filou Club is for you.  Situated in the oldest part of Sorrento, Piano Bar Filou club is definately the place to go if you love live music.